Relentless Innovation®: The Element of Flight

6/19/17 - The Cohen Group & ATI

During the Paris Air Show, Brian Knapp and GEN Ralston from the Cohen Group met with ATI’s Vice President of Defense, Terry Hartford.

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6/19/17 - 737 Max 9

The Boeing 737 Max 9 flies through the air during its flight demonstration. This is an example that demonstrates how the commercial aerospace market is transitioning to the next generation of single aisle and large twin aisle aircraft, and next generation jet engines. ATI expects multi-year growth due to our increased content on the next-generation commercial aircraft.

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6/19/17 - Paris Air Show

The Paris Air Show is officially open! Be sure to stop by and see us at Hall 5 B210 if you are at the show!

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6/16/17 - Machined Components

We are a world leader in the production of premium titanium-based alloys, nickel-based and cobalt based alloys and superalloys, and vacuum-melted specialty alloys used in the manufacture of components for both commercial and military jet engines, as well as replacement parts for those engines. We also produce titanium-based alloys, vacuum-melted specialty alloys, and high-strength stainless alloys for use in commercial and military airframes, airframe components and missiles.

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6/14/17 - ATI Flowform Products

What is Flowforming?

Pioneered by ATI Flowform, Flowforming is a unique, advanced cold metal forming process that produces cylindrically symmetrical, hollow tubulars from a number of ATI’s specialty alloys. With this technology, ATI is able to deliver products that meet the demands of highly specialized applications in industries such as aerospace, defense, oil & gas and other applications.

Watch an Animation of the Process

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6/7/17 - ATI Specialty Materials

Strength, toughness, efficiency and heat resistance are critical demands of next generation aircraft and jet engines. ATI delivers these characteristics in the form of specialty materials. We create high-performance titanium, nickel, cobalt and steel alloys and superalloys designed to ensure superior aerospace systems as they soar through the sky.

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6/7/17 - HRPF

The power, size and technology incorporated into our $1.2 Billion dollar Hot-Rolling and Processing Facility (HRPF) signals ATI’s commitment to the aerospace industry and to remaining a leader in offering airframe and engine OEMs the industry’s highest value sheet and plate products.

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6/2/17 - Powder Metals

With an increase in quick turnaround, design flexibility, waste reduction and customization demands, additive manufacturing (AM) has become a key process in the production of next-generation aircraft and jet engines. Powder metal is a key component for AM in the aerospace industry. ATI recently completed a new, 70,000 sq. ft. powder metals facility in Bakers, North Carolina to supply nickel-based superalloys and titanium alloys for the extreme demands of evolving aerospace technology.

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5/31/17 - Titanium

ATI’s commitment to materials science and engineering allows us to develop innovative products for aerospace and other global markets. Next-generation airframes and jet engines will use increasing amounts of titanium and titanium alloys in component parts in order to minimize weight and maximize fuel efficiency. ATI is committed to creating sustainable long-term value thru Relentless Innovation®.

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5/26/17 - Forging

The aerospace industry is currently transitioning to next-generation airplanes and the advanced jet engines that power them. Due to the higher temperatures which these engines operate, a new generation of alloys and forgings are required. ATI has met the challenge by providing differentiated jet engine mill products that are forged into parts through either the hot-die or isothermal forge processes.

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5/19/17 - Aerospace Spotlight

ATI’s capabilities are an essential element of flight. ATI is a global manufacturer of technically advanced specialty materials and complex components. We will be highlighting our aerospace capabilities over the next month culminating with our participation during the 2017 Paris Air Show. Please visit us during the show - Hall 5 B210. Contact your ATI sales representative to schedule a meeting during the show!

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