Sustainability Report

At ATI, we recognize that long-term excellence requires sustainable practices. We encourage integrity from the boardroom to the work floor, and continually review and refine our efforts to enrich our communities, improve employee health and safety, and lessen our environmental impact. We strive to Do What’s Right®, a philosophy at the very core of our values. Building the World’s Best Specialty Materials and Components Company™ requires nothing less than the highest standards of ethical business conduct and corporate responsibility.

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our Principles of Corporate Responsibility, our Corporate Guidelines for Business Conduct and Ethics, and our Code of Sustainability.

ATI is committed to conducting its business in an honest, ethical and lawful manner.

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our employees, the environment, and our communities.

We are committed to providing a workplace where employees are treated with dignity and respect, free of discrimination, and where all employees can fulfill their potential based on merit and ability.

We strive to conduct business in a fair and open manner, and our employees strive to satisfy the spirit and intent, as well as the technical requirements, of the contracts we enter into and the laws, regulations and rules that govern us.

We support sustainable development and commitment to constantly improve our operations to the benefit of our stockholders, employees, our customers and local communities.

We value our reputation. We pledge to promptly address issues in a lawful and proper manner. We strive to create value for our stakeholders while continually improving our performance as a good corporate citizen.

We take these commitments seriously. Our management and Board of Directors has instilled a culture, throughout our organization, that supports and honors these commitments. We expect that the actions of our employees, officers and directors comply with these Principles and all polices undertaken to further these objectives.​​​​​​​​​​​

As a means of implementing our Principles of Corporate Responsibility, the Company is committed to:

  1. Obeying the law and conducting business in accordance with ATI’s Corporate Guidelines for Business Conduct and Ethics;
  2. Respecting the rights of people affected by our activities and fostering a respectful dialogue with them;
  3. Supporting local communities and contributing to their sustainability through measures such as locally sourcing goods and services and employing local people;
  4. Non-discriminatory conduct in the workplace. Decisions on job selection, advancements and promotions are unbiased, based on merit and ability;
  5. Continually improve safety, health and environmental policies, management systems and controls so they are fully integrated into company activities;
  6. Promoting a culture of safety and continually reinforcing company-wide safety efforts and maintaining programs that effectively address workplace hazards and monitor and protect employee health and safety;
  7. Conducting operations in a sound environmental manner and seeking to continually improve performance;
  8. Promoting the efficient use of energy and material resources in all aspects of our business; and
  9. Practicing product stewardship and promoting research to enhance the benefits of our products to society.

Our people are the foundation of our company. As our Corporate Guidelines for Business Conduct and Ethics show, we strive to create and nurture an accepting work environment that emphasizes dignity and respect for our fellow employees.

In our enterprises, we endeavor to improve the lives of our employees and the communities in which they live and work. We pay fair wages and provide generous benefits. Our Allegheny Technologies Incorporated Business System (ATIBS) work environment encourages employee involvement and promotes feedback and root cause analysis.

We provide equal employment and opportunity to all persons without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation (which we interpret to include gender identity), age, national origin, veteran's status and disability or any other characteristic protected by law. For more information, see Career Opportunities.

We care deeply about our communities and actively participate in the areas in which our facilities are located. We encourage our employees to give freely of their time to community and charitable organizations.

  • The Company donates to various civic and social groups, including local organizations, service organizations dedicated to health and human welfare, the arts, and schools and universities. In addition, Company donations are made to support our employees' involvement in community activities.
  • We encourage employees' active involvement in their communities. Annually, our employees participate in the Susan G. Komen Foundation Race for the Cure and the American Cancer Society's Daffodil Days.
  • We have consistently supported the United Way. Employees across the company have participated in United Way Days of Caring in various local communities where we have facilities.
  • We and our employees are recognized for our volunteer services, community involvement and ethical conduct in the workplace.

Moreover, we and our employees have contributed to education in the United States and abroad. Some of our operating companies sponsor scholarships to employees, and we fund scholarships at local universities near our STAL facility in Shanghai, China. Closer to home, some of our employees serve on local school boards, and on college or university boards of directors.​​​​​​​​​​​

The health and safety of our employees is our highest priority. We strive for a safety record among the best in the world. Employees at every level of the Company are expected to guard against workplace injuries by recognizing risks and taking action to minimize injuries. In addition to complying with all applicable laws and regulations, we are committed to nurturing a culture in which safety is a core value. A safe and healthy workforce is more able to meet the needs of customers. Our operating companies regularly conduct safety awareness campaigns to highlight the importance of safety to our employees.

ATI Flat Rolled Products continues to excel in its safety performance. Another example of our commitment to employee health and safety is found in our ATI Specialty Alloys and Components facility located in Albany, Oregon. Since our safety awareness campaign began there in the mid-1970s, our on-the-job injury rates are less than half the rate for facilities in the same industrial classification.

Our Shanghai STAL facility in China provides an example of our dedication to the health and safety of our employees. The local laws for workplace safety are considerably less stringent than those found in more developed countries. We decided, however, to implement state-of-the-art safety standards far beyond local requirements. Our investment in safety has resulted in healthier employees and a safety record comparable to our U.S. facilities and ultimately better quality products for our customers.

A number of our locations provide a complete health services department, staffed by a full-time nurse to perform routine medical surveillance, administer company-wide health maintenance and back-to-work programs, and provide emergency medical care, when needed. Other ongoing health and safety awareness programs include monthly training, Joint Health & Safety Committee inspections, Wellness Committee initiatives, such as fitness and weight loss programs, under the direction of a full-time Wellness Coordinator, and on-going assessments of safety programs.​​​​​​​​​​​​

We recognize the need for the protection of the environment and the importance of the measured use of the earth’s natural resources. We take an active role in discovering and implementing means to protect our environment and natural resources. Our aggressive recycling program in particular has greatly reduced our consumption of natural resources and generation of waste. We are also proud of our role in the creation of the next generation of environmentally-friendly products.

Reducing Our Impact

We strive to reduce our environmental impact. Our facilities are or are becoming state-of-the-art with the latest pollution control technology. Our production of stainless steel through electric arc furnaces is the most energy efficient and eco-friendly form of steel production available, limiting greenhouse gas emissions. We make constant improvements to our processes to become even more environmentally friendly.

We are always looking for ways to become more efficient. A recent example is our new state-of-the-art titanium sponge facility being built in Rowley, Utah. We built the facility next to an existing producer of magnesium. This saves direct transportation costs and reduces our need to remelt the magnesium before processing, thereby reducing our carbon emissions and energy usage. We are also able to easily ship a magnesium byproduct back to the producer for reprocessing, further improving our production efficiency.

In our new advanced specialty metal hot rolling and processing facility in Brackenridge, PA, we are reusing and recycling the structural steel and masonry, concrete and bricks from old buildings that were on the site and razed during site preparation. The new facility is equipped with advanced technology pollution controls and energy-efficient technology.


We consider environmental compliance to be an integral part of our operations. We have a comprehensive environmental management and reporting program, and require compliance with all federal, state, regional and local environmental laws and regulations.

Each of our operating companies has an environmental management system. Through these systems we monitor our environmental performance, particularly in the face of changing business operations. We strive to be in compliance but any noncompliance is promptly corrected and root cause analysis is employed to prevent any recurrence.


We always look for opportunities to recycle and reuse materials. In fact one of the hallmarks of the ATI Business System (ATIBS) is the elimination of waste in all phases of our manufacturing processes. Besides reducing our environmental impact, recycling improves our bottom line by cutting our operating costs.

Many of the products that we manufacture, such as stainless steel and nickel-based alloys, begin as used materials (i.e., scrap metal), and the finished products are themselves recyclable. Approximately 75% or more of the raw materials that ATI Flat Rolled Products and ATI Specialty Materials use to manufacture specialty metals start from scrap material, which is either purchased or internally-generated by our own manufacturing processes. Once these specialty metals reach the end of their life span, as scrap metal they can be recycled as raw material for new specialty metals. Most of our other operating companies also use scrap metal as starting materials, although on a smaller scale.

Our commitment to recycling and reusing materials is also evident in the following examples:

  • Some of our slag materials remaining from melting specialty metals are processed to remove valuable metals, such as chromium and nickel, which are then reused in our melting processes.
  • The remaining slag components are usable as construction material for applications such as road building.
  • Substantial recycling and regeneration occurs at our facilities in our acid pickling operations, such as the recirculation and regeneration of nitric and hydrofluoric acids.
  • ATI Specialty Materials recirculates processing water for minimal water consumption, instead of drawing new water from rivers and streams.
  • Waste stainless steel liners from ATI Specialty Alloys and Components are recycled by ATI Flat Rolled Products and used as raw material input.
  • We have implemented various environmentally friendly practices throughout the company, such as recycling office paper, aluminum cans, plastic bottles and waste wood products, replacing lights with compact fluorescent light bulbs, and keeping lights off when a room is not in use. In fact, over the past two years, our office paper recycling efforts have saved over 200 trees.
  • Where possible, we promote scrap buy-back programs with our customers to encourage recycling.

Our specialty metals enable better use of resources and sustainability by improving the energy productivity and efficiency of end-use products in various markets. For example, we produce metallics for Electrical Energy applications.

A sustainable economy is necessary for us to continue to provide value to our stockholders, employees, and community.

Our products have long life cycles.

  • Many begin as recycled raw materials and at the end of their useful lives become scrap material to be used again.
  • Due to the durability and heat and corrosion resistant properties of many of our specialty metals, the end products' useful lives are extended. Therefore, funds that would otherwise need to be spent repairing or replacing those products, such as component parts, can be used elsewhere.

In addition, there are a number of other indirect contributions to the economy from our business:

  • Capital expenditures, which include support of local infrastructure.
  • Dividends to stockholders.
  • Wages to employees and payments to suppliers.
  • Payment of taxes to government entities.
  • Revenue as a result or our direct and indirect international sales.
  • Donations to charitable causes and engagement in the community.