Our Vision: Solving the World’s Challenges through Materials Science

ATI competes by serving customers in Strategic Markets and Diversified Applications

Our Vision

Solving the World's Challenges through Materials Science

ATI competes by serving customers in:

Strategic Markets

Aerospace | Defense | Energy*

Diversified Applications

Medical | Electronics

Materials Science

Advanced, Integrated Process Technologies

Relentless, Innovative People

*Oil & Gas, HPI/CPI, Nuclear, Electrical, Land-based Gas Turbines, and Solar

At ATI, our vision is Solving the World's Challenges Through Materials Science.

This vision hinges on one core value that we prioritize above all else: Never stop innovating. Creating Long-Term Value Through Relentless Innovation® — it’s the epitome of our work ethic. Our modern production capabilities would astound the industry’s previous generation; we want the capabilities of the ATI of the future to astound us today.

To that end, we’re committed to attracting, coaching, and retaining only the best. We pledge to meet the needs of all of our customers, and to solve the challenges of the modern world. Future generations will require robust and versatile materials and components produced in an ecologically sustainable manner. Here at ATI, we’re determined to meet that need.

Our materials and components will last for centuries. We’re building a company that will, too.

Our Commitment

Creating long-term shareholder value through Relentless Innovation®

Our Core Values


We do the right things the right way; it’s the cornerstone of our relationships with every stakeholder.

Safety & Sustainability

We are committed to a Zero Injury Culture, protecting our people and the planet through our products and the way we operate.


We do what we say we are going to do. We set a standard for excellence and hold ourselves and our team accountable for our actions, results and delivering value for our customers.

Teamwork and Respect

We seek and celebrate diverse views, capabilities and experiences to power our collaborative work environment.


We embrace change and unique perspectives to create sustainable value, acting with urgency and taking calculated risks to learn and continuously improve.

ATI's commitment to Do What's Right®

We strive to Do What’s Right®, a philosophy at the very core of our values. Relentless Innovation® requires nothing less than the highest standards of ethical business conduct and corporate responsibility. Learn more