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ATI Specialty Materials

f35_homepage.pngATI is a world leader in the production of nickel-based and cobalt-based superalloys, titanium-based alloys, and specialty steels for the aerospace, oil & gas, and medical industries. In these and other industries, where mission critical requirements are identified, our alloys with exceptional wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and toughness are exceeding these requirements and solving customer's problems.

ATI offers a full range of specialty metals and alloys that include:
- Nickel-Based Superalloys
- Titanium and Titanium Based Alloys
- Specialty Stainless Steel

Featured Products
Product Markets
ATI 718Plus® - Aerospace structures and fasteners
ATI 6-4 Aerospace:
- Engines
- Structures
- Landing Gear
- Fasteners
ATI Datalloy ​2® - Oil & Gas Exploration
ATI 17 - Aerospace engines
ATI 6-4 ELI - Biomedical ​
ATI 6-2-4-2 - Aerospace engines
ATI 13-8 Super Tough® - Power Generation Steam Turbines

Product Forms:

- Ingot
- Slab
- Forging Billet
- Extrusion Billet
- Round Forging Bar
- Round Machining Bar
- Rolled Rectangular Bar
- Forged Rectangles
- Forged Shape Preforms
- Custom Rolled Shapes
- Cold Drawn Bar and Rod
- Straight Rod
- Bar and Rod Coil
- Semi-finished Components
- Engineered Products

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  • call 1-800-537-5551


 Featured Products