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ATI Specialty Alloys and Components

ATI Specialty Alloys and Components provides materials, solutions, and engineered products to customers with unique, high-performance applications around the world.


The materials we produce include:

Our products are found in materials used in everyday life from airplanes that transport people around the world, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machines (MRI Machines) and medical implants that put people back on their feet again, to materials used for space exploration, and power generation.

Featured Capability: High Performance Near-Net Shapes

Thrusters.jpg We offer valuable knowledge along with machined parts and highly specialized near-net shapes for the Defense, Aerospace, Nuclear and Energy production industries.

For over 50 years, we have worked as a government contractor holding Department of Defense and Department of Energy clearances and our products include such items as the ATI C103™ engine skirt manufactured for Apollo 11, to tantalum fastening rivets and the ATI C103™ rocket combustion chambers used in today's aerospace applications.​​​​

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