ATI Specialty Alloys & Components

ATI Specialty Alloys and Components is a producer of reactive and refractory metals. We have produced zirconium since 1956, and have expanded our line of metal products to include hafnium, niobium, tantalum, titanium, vanadium and zirconium.

Our mill products are produced in forms such as: ingot, slab, billet, bar, rod, tube, seamless tube, extrusions, wire, sheet, strip, foil, chemicals and powders, castings, forgings, sponge and hafnium crystal bar in a wide variety of sizes. With the addition of our casting and aerospace machine shop we also produce many custom shapes and near-net shape components.


ATI provides customers with important services to meet the demanding needs of the applications and environments associated with the use of specialty metals and exotic alloys. Our services allow customers the ability t​o meet stringent specifications and lifecycles of the metals needed for critical applications and extreme environments.

Finishing Services

Our Finishing Services are held to the same high standards as needed for the aerospace and nuclear industry we support. The Finishing Services we offer are Conversion Services, and Performance Machining Services.

Laboratory Services

ATI provides Analytical Lab, Metallurgical Lab, and Radio Analytical Lab services.

Machining Services

ATI produces machined components and near-net shapes from a full array of specialty metals.

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ATI Specialty Alloys and Components

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