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A Full Range of Capabilities Supporting Alloy Development through Production

When faced with a need for new material solutions, ATI Powder Metals is the ideal partner for developing a new or improved powder metal product and scaling up to production. ATI Powder Metals is the industry's only fully-integrated manufacturer of nickel-base superalloys, performi​ng on-site atomization through hot isostatic pressing (HIP). Through a full range of atomizers, alloys can be produced in heat sizes ranging from one pound up to 8,000 lb. in the world's largest vacuum induction melt (VIM) inert gas atomizer designed and built by ATI Powder Metals. Regardless of scale, the process maintains powder cleanliness from start to finish to assure optimal quality.


A full range of atomizers assure a heat size that matches your production and metallurgy needs.

  • 1 lb. BGA (Baby Gas Atomizer)
    • Ideal for feasibility trials
  • 50 lb. LGA (Laboratory Gas Atomizer)
    • Excellent for developing advanced alloy powders
    • Various refractory options based on alloy system
  • 800 lb. PGA (Pilot Gas Atomizer)
    • Supports atomization of iron-, nickel-, cobalt-, copper-, and chromium-base alloys
    • Tap temperatures up to 3400° F
  • 8,000 lb. Atomizer
    • Nickel-base superalloys, corrosion resistant alloys, and ferrous alloys, among others
    • Full-scale production yields favorable economics
  • TGA (Titanium Gas Atomizer)
    • Ultra-clean, induction-skull melting process for standard titanium alloys, aluminides, and braze alloys
    • 100 lb. lot size


Screening is performed to classify powder to a desired size range, down to a maximum particle size of 45 microns (-325 mesh). For applications requiring finer powder, other separation methods can be employed. ATI Powder Metals employs multiple screening systems in order to process several alloys simultaneously.

Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)

Laboratory size and full-scale HIP vessels are in service to support development through production.

  • Laboratory size vessel
    • Working zone of 7.5" dia x 13" high
    • Up to 2375° F & 28,000 psi
    • Full-scale vessel
      • Working zones of 43" dia x 110" high or 51" dia x 115" high
      • Up to 2250° F & 15,000 psi
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