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​ATI Powder Metals pioneered Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) PM (powder metal) technology in jet engine design, producing the first rotating turbine parts for the General Electric T-700 engine. Today, over 150,000 of superalloy PM turbine discs, seals, spacers and blade retainers have been supplied for service on commercial and military airplanes and helicopters. In the demanding environment of today's jet engines, ATI Powder Metals' parts perform with elevated temperature creep resistance an​d fatigue life superior to that of conventional cast and wrought superalloys. PM parts, with their fine, equiaxed grain structure, can be ultrasonically inspected with greater sensitivity than other materials, permitting designers to make full use of the higher strength and fatigue life of PM parts.

In addition to superalloys, ATI Powder Metals' Titanium Gas Atomizer (TGA) can produce advanced ​PM titanium alloys, titanium aluminides, and powder for metal matrix composites (MMC) and intermetallic matrix composites (IMC) that could not be produced via conventional manufacturing methods. Applications for these advanced materials include exhaust ducts and hot airframe parts in next-generation aircraft.

In addition, ATI Powder Metals is the world's leading supplier of GRCop-84, developed at NASA Glenn Research Center to manage the enormous thermal stresses rocket engine liners undergo while separating rocket flame from liquid hydrogen fuel. The material is available as powder as well as in as-HIP and hot worked configurations.

Nickel-base Superalloys

  • ATI Rene 95 PM™ Nickel
  • ATI Low Carbon Astroloy PM™ Nickel
  • ATI 720 PM™ Nickel
  • Gas turbine manufacturer proprietary grades

Titanium Alloys

  • ATI CP PM™
  • ATI 6-4 PM™
  • Titanium alloys with Boron additions
  • Titanium aluminides
  • Custom compositions available upon request
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