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Oil & Gas

In order to survive the extreme environments of oil and gas exploration and processing, superior metallurgy is a necessity. Powder metal products offer increased corrosion resistance and enhanced mechanical properties, enabling higher production rates and less downtime. In addition, near net shape technology delivers materials closer to finish size, reducing input raw material requirements and reducing machining in complex components. By streamlining the manufacturing process for such parts, lead times can be shortened, and total cost of manufacture can also be improved.

ATI Powder Metals is a pioneer and leader in the manufacture of PM products for this demanding application, and flexibility in component geometry is one of our key strengths. Leveraging decades of experience and extensive product design capabilities, ATI Powder Metals supplies products ranging from standard mill forms to complex near net shapes, in both solid and bimetallic HIP-clad configurations. In addition to the standard alloys detailed below, customer compositions are also available to meet the specific needs of a given application or field.


  • ATI A625 PM™ Nickel
  • ATI N625 PM™ Nickel
  • ATI 625M PM™ Nickel
  • Duplex and super-duplex stainless steels
  • Cobalt-base wear-resistant alloys
  • Titanium and titanium alloys
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