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ATI Europe

ATI Europe represents the commercial focus of ATI in Europe and was formed to supply and market the specialty materials from the manufacturing, supply and skills base of ATI businesses and market sector teams. With manufacturing plants in the United States and England, and separate distribution locations in Europe, ATI Europe can supply all European countries.



  • Titanium alloys, vacuum-melted specialty alloys and high strength stainless alloys for commercial and military airframe components.
  • Titanium alloy tubing and nickel-titanium shape memory alloy for aerospace hydraulic systems.
  • Titanium-niobium alloy for high temperature rivets and fasteners.
  • Nickel and cobalt-based superalloys, titanium alloys and vacuum-melted specialty a​lloys for commercial and military jet engines.
  • High strength stainless alloys for composite helicopter blades.
  • High temperature niobium and tantalum alloys for rocket nozzles and jet engine components.

Growth Opportunities

  • Titanium alloys for commercial and military airframe applications.
  • ATI 425® titanium cold rollable alloy for airframe applications.
  • Thermal spray powders for turbine engines.

Emerging Technologies

  • ATI 718 Plus® alloy for jet engine applications.
  • ATI 1014 alloy for jet engine shafts in the latest engines.

Chemical Processing, Oil and Gas, Mining


  • Corrosion Resistant Alloys (CRAs) such as duplex stainless, including lean duplex stainless steels, super stainless, nickel-based and titanium alloys for seawater environments, such as offshore oil and gas applications.
  • Vacuum-melted specialty alloys and engineered products for oil and gas drilling applications.
  • ATI 2003® lean duplex stainless steel, *Zeron® 100 super duplex, titanium, nickel-based alloys for nickel laterite mining projects.
  • Nickel-based alloys, titanium alloys and vacuum-melted specialty alloys for well completion systems.
  • Stainless alloys for ethanol and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) applications.
  • Nickel-based superalloys, titanium alloys and vacuum-melted specialty alloy products for chemical plant applications, including refineries.
  • Stainless alloys for ethanol and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) applications.
  • Nickel-based superalloys, titanium alloys and vacuum-melted specialty alloy products for chemical plant applications, including refineries.
  • Titanium castings for pumps and valves.
  • Zirconium products for sulfuric, nitric, acetic and formic acids and urea procession.
  • Titanium alloy tubing for sour gas oil wells.
  • *Zeron® 100 is a registered trademark of Rolled Alloys Ltd.

Growth Opportunities

  • ATI 2003® lean duplex alloy and super-duplex alloy as alloy substitution.
  • Nickel-based alloys for exploration of alternative fuel sources, such as oil sands and shale oil.
  • Carbon and alloy steel forgings for flow control products and downhole tools.
  • ATI 201LN™ alloy, a lean austenitic stainless alloy for process applications.

Emerging Technologies

  • Titanium to lighten drill strings for deeper oil and gas exploration projects.
  • OmegaBond®​ tubing for fertiliser and chemical processing

Electrical Energy


  • Titanium, superferritic, superaustenitics and duplex stainless steels and nickel-based alloys for seawater environments.
  • Nickel-based and oxidation-resistant alloys for fuel cells.
  • Nickel-based superalloys, titanium alloys and vacuum melted specialty alloys for gas and steam turbine components.
  • Reactor-grade zirconium and hafnium products for nuclear fuel cladding and structural applications.
  • Hydrogen membrane purification modules.

Growth Opportunities

  • Oxidation resistant alloys for land-based turbines.
  • Corrosion and oxidation resistant alloys and bi-metallics for fuel cells.
  • Corrosion Resistant Alloys (CRAs) for flue gas desulfization pollution control equipment.
  • Titanium alloy and lean duplex tubing for geothermal wells.
  • Castings for offshore wind turbines.

Emerging Technologies

  • ATI 718Plus® alloy for industrial gas turbines.
  • Patented large diameter superalloy ingots for gas turbine components.
  • Niobium-titanium, niobium alloys and vanadium alloys for magnetic confinement of high temperature plasma infusion reactors.



  • Titanium alloys, cobalt-based alloys and zirconium-niobium alloys for implants, medical equipment and surgical tools.
  • Nickel-titanium for arterial stents and catheter guide wire.
  • Titanium foils for maxofacial implant plates.
  • Niobium-titanium alloy for superconducting magnets to power MRI imaging equipment.

Emerging Technologies

  • Titanium alloy seamless tubing for bone nails and screws.
  • Boutique alloys (Ti-15Mo, Allvac® 35Lo Ti™ alloys) designed to meet unique demands for biomedical applications, such as spinal implants and pacemaker lead wires.
  • Bismuth tin for lead replacement.
  • Allvac® TJA-1537® alloys for improved medical implants.

Architecture and Construction & Mining


  • Low maintenance requirements combined with a wide range of mechanical properties position stainless steels and titanium above many of the more traditional materials used in modern architecture.
  • The "Green" properties of stainless steels meet today's environmental requirements, and life cycle cost analysis also makes the use of stainless steels, nickel alloys or titanium attractive.
  • Additionally we offer material substitution solutions than can reduce overall project costs by offering a more stable cost per pound as well as a possible weight reduction requirements by taking advantage of specific materials which offer higher strengths.

Growth Opportunities

  • Our lean duplex ATI 2003® alloy could be a viable alternative where the traditional duplex ATI 2205™ alloy and/or T316L has been specified.
  • Our 200 series ATI 201LN™ and ATI 201HP™ stainless alloys can often be substituted for T304, T304L and T301 alloys and possibly require fewer pounds because of their higher strength. These substitutes can offer a more stable cost with similar performance.
  • Materials are selected for the architectural and construction applications based on strength, corrosion resistance, physical appearance as well as environmental aspects.

Emerging Technologies

  • ATI Flat Rolled Products' flat-rolled titanium offers excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, lightweight and a unique aesthetic appearance.
  • ATI 2003® lean duplex stainless steel, *Zeron 100® super duplex, titanium, nickel-based alloys for nickel laterite mining projects.
  • *Zeron® is a registered trademark of Rolled Alloys Ltd



High-purity titanium for sputtering targets used mainly in the semi-conductor industry is produced by ATI Specialty Alloys and Components. The manufacture of today's semiconductor devices demands levels of purity that are unmatched in other industries and our high purity materials promote dependable performance, long life and high yield.

Electronics companies use our silicon tetrachloride to make fiber optics and silicon crystals.

The use of computers, PDAs, mobile phones and other electronic devices have made our lives more efficient and more convenient. ATI Flat Rolled products produces alloys which have unique electrical, magnetic and corrosion resistant properties for these applications such as ATI 4750™ alloy which is used in various instruments and appliances and to shield sensitive instruments from electromagnetic interference.

Growth Opportunities

The current trend in the electronics industry is unprecedented growth in the production and consumption of electronic components, primarily chips for the PC industry, AV electronics and the telecoms sector.

Emerging Technologies

Stainless steels are selected for electronics and communications market applications based on corrosion resistance, strength, wear resistance, electrical resistivity or thermal expansion. These grades are available from ATI as an engineered strip or ultra thin Precision Rolled Strip® alloys, such as types 301, 304 / 304L, 305, 430 stainless steels.​​​​​​​​​​​



The automotive industry uses a wide variety of specialty metals. Each has their own special properties making them the materials of choice for exhaust system parts, gaskets, air bag inflator housings, windshield wipers and blades, fuel systems and fasteners, along with many other critical components. In addition to power train and structural parts, austenitic stainless steels are used by the trucking industry for tanks for food and dairy containment, cryogenic applications, chemicals and acids.

Stainless steel is also used on exterior trim for its bright appearance and for internal components for its corrosion resistance. Temper-rolled types 301 and 201 are commonly used for mass transit rail cars, with specialty alloys employed for transport of corrosive chemicals. Structural truck trailer frames take advantage of the corrosion resistance combined with the strength of type 201 stainless.

Growth Opportunities

Beta titanium alloys are now being used in suspension systems.

Emerging Technologies

New emission controls have resulted in dynamic methods in new engine designs - catalytic converters use ATI 625™ nickel alloy.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (ATI) has reorganized its European distribution operations. The distribution activities are being coordinated under the commercial banner "ATI Europe Distribution" by Allegheny Technologies' facilities in the UK, Germany and France.

ATI offers worldwide, an unparalleled combination of specialty metals. ATI Europe Distribution provides a wide range of services for these products. We offer just-in-time deliveries, value-added services such as sawing, water jet cutting and first stage CNC machining. Our ATI Europe operations provide technical support for titanium and titanium alloys, nickel-based alloys, superalloys, zirconium alloys and specialty metals, for the ATI group of companies' broad product range.

In order to provide optimum services to our customers, ATI Europe Distribution also sources stock material from outside the ATI group of companies.

We also possess excellent product knowledge. We can assist customers in their selection of the optimum alloy for the application and help minimize the effect of raw material cost volatility. We offer technical support through our local metallurgists and directly via the ATI operating companies. Our staff hold multiple language skills.

We look forward to growing our business together with our customers.​​

ATI Flat Rolled Products in Remscheid, Germany supplies high performance alloys including stainless steel, nickel-based alloys, titanium and titanium-based alloys.

We are guided by a core strategy to exceed our customers expectations for on-time delivery and service. We are continually setting higher standards of service excellence.

Professional teams are linked together providing a centre of excellence for product solutions. This allows us to provide the levels of product development and customer service needed to compete in today's demanding global market. Experienced technicians and engineers are immediately available to assist customer requirements.

Major uses include: gaskets, flexible couplings, flexible hose, flexible tubing, springs, insulation and construction, computer parts, electronic industry, electric industry and aerospace industry.

We have stock material generally available within 5 days ex-plant. Our plant has an area of 9500 m2 (about 86,000 sq. feet) and is equipped with 5 slitters (12" (305 mm) - 42" (1066 mm), 2 shears (half automatic) up to 39.37" (1000 mm) and 1 edge-conditioner up to 2" (50.8 mm).

We distribute precision strips of stainless (300 and 400 series) precipitation hardening, high temperature, nickel, nickel-based alloys and titanium and titanium alloys.

A wide range of gauges are available from .000394" (0.01 mm) - .0197" (0.5 mm) up to 42" (1066 mm) wide.​​​​​​​​​​

To learn more, visit ATI Flat Rolled Products

We are one of the world's largest manufacturers of specialty metals and chemical based products, used in chemical processing, aerospace and defence, nuclear power and medical markets. ATI Specialty Alloys and Components materials include titanium, vanadium, zirconium, specialty chemicals and powders.

Its global resources have enabled ATI Specialty Materials and Components to strengthen its position as one of the world's providers of strong, versatile, corrosion resistant metals and a variety of zirconium based chemical products.

ATI Specialty Materials and Components comprises 180 buildings on 110 acres in Albany, Oregon, USA. The reactive and refractory metals producer has been making zirconium mill products since 1956. ATI Specialty Materials and Components produces an expanded line of metal products. These include OmegaBond® Advanced Tubing Technology for chemical processing (specifically urea) and titanium, including ATI 425® Titanium (cold rollable), hafnium, niobium, tantalum and vanadium.

Mill product forms include ingot, slab, billet, bar, rod, tube, seamless tube, extrusions, wire, sheet, strip, foil, castings, forgings, sponge and powder in a wide variety of sizes. Our Aerospace Machine Shop (AMS) is capable of producing custom shapes for aerospace and other applications. The company's casting facility produces a wide range of products from pump casings for processing applications to near-net shape components for armour and other uses.

We solve problems with advanced technical capabilities to help customers meet the most demanding metals needs.

To learn more, visit ATI Specialty Materials and Components.​​​​​​​​​​​​

When metal components must perform under critical and demanding conditions, manufacturers worldwide turn to ATI Specialty Materials. We provide metals of exceptional wear resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, toughness and strength.

ATI Specialty Materials' manufacturing facility in the UK enhances the service and responsiveness to customers by providing a sales and distribution network for our titanium-based alloys, nickel-based alloys and specialty steel.

ATI Specialty Materials supplies metal components that must perform under critical and demanding conditions. We are leaders in the production of titanium alloys.

Titanium-based alloys provide superb corrosion resistance and superior strength-to-weight ratios. Nickel-based alloys perform at high strength and temperature and are resistant to deterioration.

Premium steels include vacuum-melted stainless steels, high strength alloy steels, hardening steels and ultra-high strength steels for the land-based power generation industry.

Our high performance metals help increase the operating efficiency and service life of jet engines and turbines. We maintain the most stringent quality standards and strictly adhere to our process controls.

We supply the largest jet engine builders and component manufacturers across the globe. These products live up to the challenges of high specification environments. ATI Specialty Materials provide industry with a reliable source for high performance metal requirements.

To learn more, visit ATI Specialty Materials.

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ATI Europe Distribution, UK, Scandinavia & Israel

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ATI Europe Distribution

ATI Europe Distribution provides the coordination of ATI products with just-in-time and value-added services such as sawing, water jet cutting and first stage machining. ATI Europe Distribution has a presence in England, France and Germany with roots of more than 30 years as a dedicated stockist, manufacturer and distributor.

  • Titanium Bar
  • Titanium Plate
  • Titanium Sheet
  • Titanium Tube
  • Titanium Wire
  • Nickel Alloy
  • Zirconium
  • Cobalt Chrome
  • Aerospace
  • Chemical Processing
  • Defense
  • Medical
  • Motorsport
  • Oil & Gas

​Allegheny Technologies Ltd. has a full range of up to date equipment for the cutting and processing of Titanium bar, billet, plate and sheet. Near net and complex shapes can be produced from DXF/​DWG files for AutoCad 2002 LT by our Waterjet Cutting Facility

Bar & Billet Saws

  • Danobat CP520
  • Kasto HBA360 (2 machines)
  • Missler 400
  • Rusch 280


  • Friggi VAS ISF (2 machines)
  • Second machine installed June 2007


  • Up to 3050mm wide x 10mm thick


  • Up to 3050 wide x 4mm thick

Waterjet Cutting

  • Thickness up to 150mm
  • Width up to 2000mm
  • Length up to 4000mm
  • Subcontract cutting service

Laser Cutting


  • New 4 Axis Vertical CNC Machining Centre
  • Max. 2500 KG machine capacity
  • Machining Envelope of 2500mm x 800mm x 780mm
  • ISO 14001:2004, Remsheid, Germany
  • ISO 9001:2008, EN 9120:2010, Service Centre, France
  • BS EN 9100:2003, BS EN 9120:2005, ISO 9001:2008, Birmingham, UK

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ATI Asia

ATI Asia represents the commercial focus of ATI in Asia and was formed to supply and market the specialty metals from the manufacturing, supply and skills base of ATI businesses and market sector teams. In addition, ATI Asia serves as a key liaison with ATI global joint ventures. Offices are in key cities in China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, India, and United Arab Emirates.

  • Titanium & Titanium Alloys
  • Nickel-Based Alloys
  • Stainless & Specialty Steels
  • Zirconium
  • Niobium & other Refractory Alloys

P.R. China

Allegheny Technologies International Inc. Beijing Office

Room 805 Scitech Tower, No. 22

Jiangumenwai Avenue, Beijing 100004, P. R. China

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Allegheny Specialty Metals (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd

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Allegheny Technologies Japan Ltd.

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South Korea

ATI Allegheny Technologies International Inc.

South Korea Branch

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United Arab Emirates

Allegheny Technologies International Inc.

PO Box 263090

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Joint Ventures

Shanghai STAL Precision Stainless Steel Co., Ltd (STAL)

UNITI Titanium

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