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wah_chang_a.jpgWe are one of the world's largest manufacturers of specialty metals and chemical based products, used in chemical processing, aerospace and defence, nuclear power and medical markets. ATI Specialty Alloys and Components materials include titanium, vanadium, zirconium, specialty chemicals and powders.

wah_chang_b.jpgIts global resources have enabled ATI Specialty Materials and
Components to strengthen its position as one of the world's providers of strong, versatile, corrosion resistant metals and a variety of zirconium based chemical products.

ATI Specialty Materials and Components comprises 180 buildings on 110 acres in Albany, Oregon, USA. The reactive and refractory metals producer has been making zirconium mill products since 1956. ATI Specialty Materials and Components produces an expanded line of metal products. These include OmegaBond® Advanced Tubing Technology for chemical processing (specifically urea) and titanium, including ATI 425® Titanium (cold rollable), hafnium, niobium, tantalum and vanadium.

wah_chang_c.jpgMill product forms include ingot, slab, billet, bar, rod, tube, seamless tube, extrusions, wire, sheet, strip, foil, castings, forgings, sponge and powder in a wide variety of sizes. Our Aerospace Machine Shop (AMS) is capable of producing custom shapes for aerospace and other applications. The company's casting facility produces a wide range of products from pump casings for processing applications to near-net shape components for armour and other uses.

We solve problems with advanced technical capabilities to help customers meet the most demanding metals needs.

  • The first U.S. company to handle all aspects of refractory metal production, from start to finish.
  • First industrialised producer of high-purity hafnium crystal bar
  • Creator of ATI C103™ Niobium Alloy used in the Apollo lunar spacecraft.
  • Producer of corrosion-resistant Zircadyne® Zirconium for chemical processing industry.
  • Producer of superconducting niobium-titanium alloys used in magnetic resonance imaging MRI.
  • Co-developer of Alloy "C" for use in F-119 fighter aircraft.

To learn more, visit ATI Specialty Materials and Components.​​​​​​​​​​​​

Contact ATI Online
  • For UK, Scandinavia & Israel
  • call +44 114 296 1555
  • For France, Spain & Italy
  • call +33 1 34 93 80 20
  • For Germany & Eastern Europe
  • call +49 211 513 560 0


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