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Construction, Architecture & Mining

Building a better world

Global growth is driving the construction and energy sectors, boosting the demand for architectural materials as well as heavy equipment for construction and mining. ATI’s forged products, stainless steels and other specialty metal products provide high-performance, cost-effective solutions.

Building Green with Stainless Steel

The need for greater energy 01weisshouse.jpgefficiency in today’s LEED certified homes is fueling the use of sustainable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel from floor to ceiling. In commercial and residential buildings, ATI offers higher-strength alloy material substitution solutions that may reduce overall project life-cycle costs.

Forged Strength

In mining & construction, reliability is critical. Heavy-duty forged components in the drivetrains of trucks, bulldozers and specialized equipment provide the durability these machines need to keep operating under the most demanding conditions.

Featured Products

High Performance Forgings

ATI Ladish Forging supplies scores of heavy-duty forged components for the construction and mining industries.

ATI ZKM Forging.pngATI ZKM Forging provides more than 550 different part numbers for 20 different types of construction vehicles, including gears, crankshafts, connecting rods and axles.

ATI Portland Forge produces carbon alloy steel forgings for construction equipment.


Stronger Buildings

New alloys from ATI can substitute for traditional alloys and save costs. ConventionCenterPhoto1.jpgOur ATI 201LN™ and ATI 201HP™ low-nickel austenitic stainless steel alloys and ATI 2003®  lean duplex alloy are used in architectural paneling can often be substituted for T304, T304L and T301 stainless steels at a lower cost per pound and possibly with fewer pounds required because of their higher strength.



Semi-finished Products & Alloys

Nickel alloys from ATI Allegheny Ludlum deliver the high-strength, high-temperature performance for turbocharger wheels in heavy-duty vehicle engines.

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 Featured Products