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Electronics & Communications

Computers, smart phones and other electronic devices have transformed the way we work and play ... and the revolution shows no sign of slowing down. ATI produces alloys with unique electrical, magnetic, cosmetic and corrosion resistance properties that help make the communication happen.

Nickel and Stainless for Electronic Products

Nickel alloys and stainless steel from ATI Flat Rolled Products perform a variety of important applications in computers and smart phones. Nickel alloys with good magnetic properties are used in relay cores, magnets and magnetic shielding. Nickel alloys with good thermal expansion characteristics are used in glass-to-metal sealing applications such as monitors. Stainless steels are selected for electronics and communications applications based on corrosion resistance, strength, wear resistance, electrical resistivity or thermal expansion, and are frequently used for durable, high-style product enclosures.

Featured Products
ATI 4750™ Electrical Alloy

AL 4750™ alloy produces good magnetic properties with wide latitude to control hysteresis loop shape. Applications range from electro-mechanical relay cores to magnetic shielding. The material can also be used in high frequency transformer applications.

ATI 430™ Stainless Steel

ATI 430™ low carbon ferritic stainless steel is oxidation resistant, ductile, and can be formed using a variety of roll forming or mild stretch bending operations as well as the morCompe common drawing and bending processes. This alloy is used in a variety of interior and exterior trim applications where economy and corrosion resistance are important.

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 Featured Products