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Food Equipment & Appliances

ATI introduced stainless steel to the US market nearly a hundred years ago, and has led the way in applying it to daily life.  Stainless, with its high corrosion resistance, has been a natural in foodservice, residential kitchens, and the appliance industry - wherever clean surfaces, functional good looks and durability have been important.  Today the 100% recyclability of stainless steel makes it a more desirable material than ever. 

Featured Products

kitchen.jpg300 series stainless steels have traditionally been used for foodservice, cookware, kitchen equipment and laundry equipment.  200 series stainless steels have become increasing popular in these markets due to their more stable cost and the ease of substitution. ATI 201HP™ stainless steel, our high performance 200 series alloy, can be used in a variety of food and appliance applications.  We manufacture several specialty products like clad ATI 304DA™ stainless steel for cookware, ATI 440A™ stainless for cutlery, and ATI 334™ and ATI 332™ stainless steels for heating element tubing, and AL 29-4C® stainless steel for furnace heat exchangers and venting products. 

DSC_2429.jpgATI 410™, ATI420™, and ATI 440A™ stainless steels are hardenable, straight-chromium stainless steels which combine superior wear resistance with the excellent corrosion resistance.  A major use for these grades of heat treatable stainless steels is in cutlery.​​​​​​​​

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 Featured Products