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Extruded Shapes

ATI produces titanium extrusions for a variety of airframe and jet engine applications.

ATI's extruded shapes can be used for a number of important structural applications. Examples include:

  • Center Wing Boxes
  • Horizontal Stabilizers
  • Forward Fuselages
  • Cargo Door Hinges
  • Nose Wheel Wells

Our ability to produce a wide variety of shapes, coupled with our integrated supply chain, make ATI the ideal choice for aerospace extrusions.

Integrated Supply Chain - Aerospace Extruded Shapes

Our integrated supply chain provides aerospace manufacturers with production readiness, improved lead times, and better buy-to-fly ratios.

​Strategic Sourcing

ATI's secure supply chain and fixed process controls (from titanium sponge to finished part) result in reduced lead times and increased sourcing reliability.


ATI extrusions deliver near-net-shapes that reduce machining time and scrap.

Alloy Optimization

Unlike other extruders, ATI's multiple melt technologies allow for enhanced monitoring and modification in alloy chemistries based on customers' specifications and facilitates ATI's technical resources to conduct extensive R&D on new-generation alloys.

Titanium Sponge
The raw material used​ in ATI's extruded shapes is sourced from
our state-of-the-art titanium sponge facilities.

Titanium Billet Preparation
Titanium sponge is alloyed and melted to specification via ATI's
multiple melt technologies. Ingots are then processed into
machined billets ready for extrusion.

  Predictive Modeling
ATI utilizes predictive modeling for extruded shapes resulting
in redu​ced development tim​e, increased accuracy and
improved first pass yields.

Get Microsoft SilverlightPredictive Modeling
Extrusion Capabilities
ATI's fixed process controls allow for repeatable extrusions with
improved straightness and surface finish off the press resulting
in less post-extrusion processing.

Machining and Finishing
In the final stages, extrusions are blasted, pickled, and
machined to exact specifications and certified for use.

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