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Alloys for Tomorrow's Challenging Environments

ATI Oil & Gas's innovative specialty materials solutions are used in a complete range of Oil & Gas applications, including:

  • Sub-sea control lines, flow lines and umbilicals
  • Heat exchangers and water separators
  • Slim-hole tubular components and compressive drill pipe for directional Measurement While Drilling (MWD) and Logging While Drilling (LWD)
  • Top-side process piping and structural applications
  • Biofuel and LNG production

Our Alloys are used throughout the oil & gas industry

Applications for Topsides
Applications for Topsides
Applications for Completion Tools
Applications for Completion Tools

Applications for Subsea
Applications for Subsea

Applications for Downhole Drilling
Applications for Downhole Drilling

ATI produces the industry's widest range of high-performance, cost-effective alloy and stainless steel solutions for the oil & gas industry.

No other specialty materials company offers a greater breadth of advanced metallic solutions and capabilities for oil and gas applications. ATI's high-performance products are engineered in many fabricated forms, including:

  • Sheet, plate and slab
  • Ingot, billet and bar
  • Strip and foil
  • Rod, tube and wire
  • Extrusions, forgings, castings and custom, semi-finished and finished parts
  • To download a listing of ATI Oil & Gas alloys, click here.

Sour gas and seawater create some of the most challenging environments for corrosion-resistant alloys (CRAs). Resistance to hydrogen sulfide in combinations with chlorides and high temperature are considerations when selecting materials. Some of the end-uses associated with the Oil & Gas Industry are: platforms, top sides, subsea systems, flow lines, umbilical, instrumentation, and capillary tubing.

Corrosion resistance, strength and abrasion resistance are important considerations in the selection of stainless steels for oil and gas applications. These materials also find wide use for unconventional processes such as Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) used for oil sands recovery. LNG re-gasification facilities and biofuel and ethanol production facilities utilize stainless steels for tanks, pipe and tubing systems.

*Zeron® is a registered trademark of Rolled Alloys Ltd.

ATI's Titanium and Titanium alloys offer excellent corrosion resistance, high-strength and lighter weight. These attributes make Titanium products an excellent choice in the most demanding applications in oil and gas extractions, as well as LNG vaporizers.

ATI’s metallurgical prowess continues to produce breakthroughs in proprietary alloys and processes. Our materials are engineered for maximum strength, corrosion resistance, longevity and performance. We are capable of rapidly prototyping new alloys that meet international standards and quality certification requirements. Our laboratories provide analytical services and testing to certify that our alloys meet industry specifications.

ATI also specializes in conducting applied research with and for our customers.

Our goal is to design and engineer products that meet application-specific, mission-critical requirements and specifications.

For technical information and data sheets on our specialty materials, please visit ATI Products.​​​​​​​​

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