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ATI 425® Alloy Applications

Markets for ATI 425® Alloy (Titanium Grade 38) include aerospace, defense, industrial, medical and recreation in applications where high-strength, lightweight materials are required. In addition, the corrosion resistance of ATI 425® Alloy is comparable to other high strength titanium alloys, including resistance to saltwater environments which makes it a candidate for marine-related applications.

Aerospace Applications
With MMPDS design allowables for sheet and plate, ATI 425 Alloy is readily available for the fabrication of aerospace components in commercial aviation.  The alloy's manufacturing and quality attributes includes an exceptional tight gauge tolerance, a combination of high strength and ductility, availability as a continuous sheet product form bend076.jpgand outstanding diffusion bonding, hot forming, and superplastic forming.

This myriad of attributes has positioned ATI 425 Alloy as an option for a variety of aerospace applications.  For example, ATI 425 possesses outstanding hot forming capability with processing temperatures well below those demanded by incumbent titanium alloys.  This and other attributes associated with ATI 425 Alloy provide excellent opportunities for cost reductions, making it the material of choice, plate or sheet, for parts requiring hot forming, superplastic forming and/or diffusion bonding.
As continuous sheet coil, ATI 425® Alloy has the product length, finish quality and gauge tolerance to potentially down-gauge and reduce joints a number of aerospace applications. Available in both mill standard and slit-to-width sheet, ATI 425® Alloy can potentially deliver benefits in leading edges, seat tracks and other applications.
Another significant advantage associated with cold rolling capability of ATI 425 Alloy is the availability of foil gauges, which can be difficult to find in alpha/beta high strength titanium alloys. Honeycomb production i__104 copy.gifs an application with remarkable potential for this alloy.

ATI offers high-quality, aerospace-grade ATI 425® Alloy fastener stock in a range of convenient shapes, including continuous-rolled titanium wire. We produce it is the only company that can produce fastener stock in these alloys, from melt to finish.

For hydraulic tubing, ATI 425® Alloy in extruded preform shapes can provide higher strength to accommodate higher pressure loads. The tensile strength and ductility of ATI 425® Alloy may offer new options in fastener design as well.

ATI 425® Alloy is also a suggested material for high-stress applications such as helicopter rotors, where it provides light weight, high fatigue strength and formability.  Because of its ability to be continuously rolled to generate longer sheets, and because of its exceptional hot formability, ATI 425® Alloy is being evaluated for erosion shields.

Defense Applications

The defense version of ATI 425® Alloy, ATI 425®-MIL Armor, is recognized by ASTM and has been assigned titanium grade 38. It is a proven solution for ballistic armor plate, capable of meeting or exceeding MIL-DTL-46077G Class 4 requirements.FC Wheel.jpg

Ground Vehicles

ATI 425®-MIL Alloy's combination of strength, light weight, formability, corrosion resistance and ballistic performance has made it useful for armor and structural components. In ground vehicle applications, these attributes have contributed to longer lifecycle performance and fuel efficiency.

Soldier Support and Protection

Light weight, formability and ballistic performance have made ATI 425-Titanium-10 copy.gif425®-MIL Alloy a useful choice in these systems to provide protection with less fatigue in the field.

Weapons Systems

​In weapons systems, ATI 425®-MIL Alloy's strength, light weight and formability help create titanium components that reduce weight and provide excellent ballistic performance.

Naval Systems

For naval applications, ATI 425®-MIL Alloy delivers corrosion resistance, light weight and strength in a formable titanium material that provides excellent ballistic performance. Benefits include long lifecycle performance and energy efficiency in powered systems.bend042 copy.gif

Boiler/Pressure Vessel Applications

The ASME Board on Pressure Technology Codes and Standards, (BPTCS) has approved ATI 425®-MIL Alloy for use in Section VIII, Div. 1 construction up to 600°F (316°C). ATI 425®-MIL Alloy has been board approved for use in the ASME Boiler and PV Code to 650°F. This makes ATI 425®-MIL titanium Alloy the highest temperature ASME-code-approved titanium alloy in the B&PV code.

Other Naval Applications

  • Shiphold structural materials
  • Armor
  • Doors, hatches and bulkheads
  • Weapons systems
  • Piping

Other Applications

Titanium applications that require complex bends, forming, or that have long, flat form factors, are good candidates for ATI 425® Alloy. Its high strength, ductility and availability in continuous sheet should find applicability in a variety of markets, including:

  • Marine/Saltwater Environments
  • CPI Vessels
  • Medical Implants
  • Recreation
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