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Titanium Investment Castings

ATI supplies commercial, military and aerospace OEMs with airframe, launch vehicle, and turbine engine structural components. Specializing in investment cast titanium alloy 066b.JPGparts, ATI has developed a fast, reliable process for manufacturing the industry's most, complex, large-scale, near-net-shape castings.

ATI has the technology, equipment and know-how to cast titanium parts in some of the largest sizes and most complex shapes currently being manufactured for aerospace. ATI's advanced manufacturing capabilities offer OEMs the freedom to design components with intricate geometries, cored passageways, cast-in features and sculpted surfaces.

Titanium & Zirconium Rammed Graphite Castings

ATI is a leader in the manufacture of corrosion resistant rammed graphite castings for the chemical processing, oil & gas, aerospace, nuclear & power generation industries.

Titanium CastingRammed graphite castings are used for harsh environments where corrosion resistance is critical. These castings are typically specified for environments such as wet chlorine gas, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid, and saltwater.

ATI produces titanium rammed graphite castings from 1lb to 1,300 lbs (.45 to 589.7kg) and zirconium rammed graphite castings up to 1,800 lbs (816.5kg). Rammed graphite castings are used for pollution control, valve sets, pump sets, impellers, marine hardware, oceanographic instrument housings, and defense applications.

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