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ATI was the first industrialized manufacturer of zirconium. In the late 1950s, ATI zirconium products were used for the nation's first full-scale commercial nuclear power plant, built in Shippingport, Pennsylvania, USA. Not only is ATI a pioneer in zirconium, today it is also a leader in zirconium metallurgy.

Product Forms

ATI produces its family of zirconium alloys the following product forms:

  • Zirconium Ingots
  • Zirconium ForgingsZirconium Bars
  • Zirconium Fittings
  • Zirconium Plate
  • Zirconium Sheet
  • Zirconium Strip
  • Zirconium Foil
  • Zirconium Rod
  • Zirconium Wire
  • Zirconium Pipe
  • Zirconium Tubing


The unique properties of ATI Zircadyne® zirconium make it beneficial in a variety of applications and industries. Valued for their mechanical, chemical and physical attributes, zirconium components are a key to the safe, efficient function of nuclear reactors, both in military vessels and commercial power generation. Zirconium offers excellent corrosion resistance to high temperature steam and water, and good mechanical strength.

ZrPlate.gifThe chemical processing industry turns to ATI Zircadyne® zirconium for processing equipment that can withstand highly corrosive environments, including most organic and mineral acids, strong alkalis, and some molten salts. Chemical processing engineers use ATI Zircadyne® material for making heat exchangers, condensers, columns, pumps, piping systems, reactor vessels and valves, as well as in other applications where corrosion means costly maintenance.


ATI Zircadyne® alloys are composed of 95.5% to 99.2% zirconium and hafnium with a maximum hafnium content of 4.5%. ATI Zircadyne® mill products are available in two chemical grades, each sharing excellent corrosion resistance and also having slightly different physical and mechanical properties. ATI Zircadyne® 702 zirconium is commercially pure zirconium and ATI Zircadyne® 705 zirconium is alloyed with niobium to increase its strength and improve its Zirconium Tube, Pipe, Rod, Bar and Crystal Bar copy.gifformability.


​ATI is a leading producer of high quality zirconium and hafnium chemicals for industrial, electronics and consumer applications. ATI chemicals are key ingredients in the manufacture of paper coatings,Chemicals.jpg antiperspirants, paint dryers, titanium oxide pigment coatings, fireproofing and other chemicals. In addition, ATI produces a number of unique chemicals for laboratory services, basic research and specialized applications. This list keeps growing as zirconium, hafnium and other chemicals are used to replace less cost effective materials.

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